We are happy to announce that after postponing the 2020 APPLES workshop due to Covid-19, we will be holding our 2021 workshop virtually from Monday, June 28th through Wednesday, June 30th!

Participants: Please note that the workshop times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST)!

2021 Pre-workshop Readings & Assignments

Welcome 2021 Teachers! Please see the links below for the pre-workshop tasks, readings and videos. We are asking all 2021 participants to read/watch through the resources linked below, prior to attending the APPLES workshop so we are all on the same page when getting started! They are listed in the order they will be used during the workshop.

Pre-workshop tasks

Pre-workshop survey – In an effort to determine the impact of our program, we are gathering information from our program participants about your ideas about climate changes and practices of teaching about climate change.

Teacher introductions – Please make sure you have populated your online bio page for participant introductions on Day One.

iNaturalist tutorial – Watch the iNaturalist tutorial, download the app and come prepared to use it during our lunchtime scavenger hunts! Additional iNaturalist resources are available if needed under the ‘Data’ tab (or use the button below).

Pre-workshop readings

Day Two – morning: Climate change impacts: a discussion about this moment in the arc of history

We are all experiencing aspects of climate change in our lives. However, for some people and communities the impacts are far greater and some impacts are ‘known’ in that we know they could happen, but not when or the extent. What have you experienced? What do you know about climate tipping points? How can we discuss uncertainty in the science and the potential for climate change to be a ‘threat multiplier’ for social justice issues with compassion. 

Day Two – afternoon: Collecting, Accessing, and Working With Messy Data

A conversation about the trials and tribulations of collecting data in the field and the ethics of data sharing.

Day 3 – afternoon: Community Science Round Table Discussion

An open conversation about communicating climate change science from engaging with students to families to colleagues and community. We will center this around the ongoing drought and heatwaves in the Western United States. What have you heard and from where are you learning about it? Have you experienced the impacts personally? We will discuss the ideals of community science (note this is different than citizen science see reading) and if these could apply to and support your efforts to engage in conversations about climate change.

What is Community Science?
NGSS 8 Science Practices
Teacher to Teacher

2021 APPLES Workshop Flyer


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